Episode 4 - Raaxo

Raaxo Blk.png

For our 4th episode, we sat down with Carlanda McKinney, founder and CEO of Raaxo. Raaxo is an app based custom fit bra company located in Kansas City, Missouri. Carlanda and Sharice covered a range of topics during their conversation, including participating in pitch competitions, pivoting and selling her idea to people who might not understand the need for her product.

Carlanda is in the middle of a pivot from a technology called body mapping to an phone application based technology. She spoke about the need to pivot because body mapping is a cost prohibitive technology. She also told us about her background - from being required to participate in her first business plan competition, as part of her MBA curriculum to the how and why she saw the problem with brass sizing.

For anyone who has ever purchased a bra for yourself or for someone else - watch this episode.

Please make sure to keep up with what Raaxo is doing by following the company on Twitter. Their handle is @raaxokc.  

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